The REF Buy-A-Brick program is in place at Pond Road and Sharon Elementary Schools. The patio at PRMS was installed by a professional brick layer. REF members decided they would try their hand at installing the patio at Sharon School. Digging the foundation for the patio proved to be an overwhelming task. A very special thank you to Tom Troy and Sharbell Development Corporation for their assistance in digging out the foundation for the patio at the Sharon School.

Under the watchful eye of Robert Keener, REF members, spouses, children, and friends spent four weekends in November laying the bricks. Mr. Keener's talent proved invaluable to the Foundation by ensuring that the job was done correctly, and also saved the installation fee of $12.00 per-square foot.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held in June, dedicating the patio to, and honoring the memory of, Mary Lou Elgrim, Teacher, Colleague, and Friend. A wrought iron bench, surrounded by two planters, invites school and community members to spend a few moments to sit and relax. Thank you to Tony's Farm Market who graciously contributed to the purchase of the bench and urns.

If you are interested in purchasing a brick, you can download the appropriate order form and follow the instructions.

Sharon School

Pond Road Middle School